Beginnings of company are dated from year 1990 when association of two guys was founded. They performed locksmith works and company was named Zámečnictví Miloslav Kamarýt. Times went on and company expanded their services. They started with servicing of mechanical parts of various machines (especialy wrapping machines). Customers required more complex services particularly eletric parts of machines. The company grew by new employee working in production, service and administration. These guys collected a lot of knowledge about wrapping machines. They knew they can make wrapping machines of high quality and they can satisfy customers needs especialy about foil saving. They cooperated with INTRONIX s.r.o. for make new control system optimazed for wrapping machines for the best use of properties of stretch foil. In these days from year 2014 company is renamed to ALFENIX s.r.o. and it has around 10 employees. The company expands their offer on the machines still and it improves level of process of metal materials as aluminium, iron and inox.
Design by Ing. Milan Kamarýt